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Zinc Dust Grades

Paint and Pigment Grade

Zinc Dust Paint Grade

Appearance Dark Grey Fine Metallic Powder
Metallic Zinc 98% Min
Total Zinc (as Zn) 99.50% Min
Lead (Pb) 100 ppm Max
Chloride (Cl) 20 ppm Max
Iron (Fe) 100 ppm Max
Copper (Cu) 20 ppm Max
Cadmium (Cd) 15 ppm Max
Arsenic (As) 5 ppm Max
Acid Insoluble Nil
Specific Gravity 7.1 g/cm3
Average Particle Size 6 to 9 microns

Zinc Dust Pigment: ISO 3549:1995 (E)

Appearance Grey Powder
Total Zinc (% Minimum) 98% w/w
Metallic Zinc (% Minimum) 94% w/w
Lead (% Maximum) 0.2% Max w/w
Cadmium (% Maximum) 0.1% Max w/w
Iron (Fe) Content 0.05% Max w/w
Arsenic (As) 0.0005% Max w/w
Chloride (Cl) Content 0.005% Max w/w
Matter Insoluble in Acid 0.05% Max w/w