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Zinc Dust Uses

Paint and Coatings









Zinc Dust rich paints contain a decent quantity of zinc dust blended with organic or inorganic binding agents. Steel or other metallic surfaces that were operated in harsh environmental conditions and have a risk of corrosion are painted with zinc-rich paints. These paints provide marvelous rust inhibition, adhesion, film distensibility, and abrasion resistance. These paints are perfect for prime and finish coats and are also used as a primary first coat even over partially rusted surfaces due to their tight adherence to zinc and other metals.

Zinc metal powder, which serves as an active anti-corrosion component, is present in high concentrations (between 85% and 92%) in zinc-rich paints. This type of paint produces a metallic zinc film that protects the steel beneath it in a cathodic manner and serves as a physical barrier.

Performance variation can be seen in inorganic and organic zinc-rich paints.

Inorganic zinc-rich paints have good solvent resistance, can withstand temperatures of about 375 °C, and bind to steel with mild chemical reactivity.









Organic Zinc-Rich Paints

Organic zinc-rich paints do not have the same temperature resistance as inorganic zinc-rich paints, as they are limited to 93.3 °C to 148.8 °C. Organic zinc-rich paints also depend on ultraviolet (sunlight) degradation. Organic zinc-rich paints are not as efficient as inorganic zinc-rich paints in terms of corrosion resistance.

Zinc Dust-Rich Paint on steel

Zinc Dust-rich paint can be used on steel of any size and shape, except on more complex fabrications due to application difficulty. Steel surfaces can be protected by brushing or spraying zinc-rich paints. While brushing or spraying, feed lines are short placed to prevent zinc dust and uneven film coat settlement.

Zinc Dust-Rich Paint

Zinc dust-rich paint is a key component of most heavy-duty coatings that are used in the safeguarding of major structures like offshore oil rigs, steel bridges, and the petrochemical and power industries. Zinc metal powder-rich paints are used in the painting of sea containers, ships, and marine equipment. Zinc-rich paints are widely employed as primers in high-performance coating systems and hot-dip galvanized coating repairs.