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About Us

Vishnupriya Chemicals Private Limited (ISO 9001:2015 certified) was founded in 1979 in Hyderabad. It is engaged in the manufacturing of specialized and inorganic chemicals.

Vishnupriya Chemicals Private Limited strives to introduce new products despite its extensive experience of more than 40 years in the chemical manufacturing sector. Our professional and technical team oversees the production of all chemicals and ensures that they meet the required standards.

Our innovative production, packing, storing, and shipping procedures, as well as the dedication of our customer service, allowed us to establish a strong presence in the chemical industry.

We provide high-quality chemicals used in many different industries, such as biotechnology, medicine, and food, on a global scale. We comply with regulatory requirements, which include audits of our facility and providing product-related and comprehensive documents to our customers.

In 2015, Vishnupriya Chemicals Private Limited started manufacturing Zinc dust in Hyderabad. Since then, the company has developed into one of the best manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Zinc dust in India.

Our Company Vision:

To be a leading and sustainable manufacturer in the field of chemicals with innovation, good quality, and great customer service.

Our Company Mission:

To expand and diversify the company’s product line to meet the needs of both local and international markets.

To make sure we manufacture and deliver chemicals that meet the quality standards.

To ensure customer satisfaction by applying the time-tested process with our quality analysis team.

Our Values

In Harmony with Our Vision

Customer centricity with a focus on our customer.

Commitment to building long-term relationships with our customers, employees, partners, and shareholders.

Our Mission

In Customers’ Expectations

Quality: To offer good quality that conforms to all the requirements.

Productivity: To increase the consumers’ product values.

Customer Satisfaction: To apply the time-tested process with our Question Analysis team.

Our Culture

Reflects our Vision and Values

The customer is at the core of all internal processes, mindsets, and actions.

Mutual trust-based strategic and operational partnerships with external units.

To follow ethical, transparent, and good professional practices in the organization.