Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

To form various chemicals, the manufacturers use Zinc Phosphide with various other compounds. They also refine Zinc at the time of manufacturing through electrolytic process. They apply zinc for nitrobenzene production and as catalyst and polymerizing element. Thus, zinc powder plays an important role in manufacturing drugs.

Chemical & Pharma

Paints & Coatings

Coating that has zinc powder works best for the protection of any steel elements from rust issues. This dust helps in formulating right type of paint, which is useful to create a special surface layer. This layer prevents the impact of any aggressive component on the zinc. You can supplement the outcome by coating the top layer. It will surely add aesthetic value and offer better protection.

To paint the big structures, like marine tools, containers and rigs, this type of coating is the right option. For painting the bridges also, zinc-based paints are most useful. In water, this coating remains insoluble.

Hydrometallurgical / Mining Applications

Zinc powder is applied as a type of precipitant. It is intended for purifying various solutions, which contain the metals, like cadmium, copper, silver and gold, these minerals can be used for further processing.


Petroleum And Lubrication Industry

While you work in the lubrication field, zinc powder can be useful as a type of catalyst for producing benzene and gasoline. You can add it to the sealers, thread compounds and anti-seize elements.

Plating / Mechanical Galvanizing

To create a protective layer of coating on the steel, the professionals perform the process of mechanical galvanization. They clean this steel and put it into a container, which has zinc dust. This power gets stuck to all parts. Zinc paints are highly durable.

Lots of fasteners and anchors are galvanized mechanically. Fasteners and various connectors need clean threads. The galvanization process helps in protecting zinc, maintaining the smoothness.


Friction Applications In Automotive, Rail And Other Transportation

Zinc dust is applied for forming friction to alter the properties. It also improves performance in higher temperature.
Thus, these are the major applications of zinc powder, and you have to use it rightly to get the best result.

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